Jekyll Island Museum


Mosaic, The Museum of Jekyll Island
Public Opening April 27, 2019 





Adirondack Museum Kids Audio Tour
Launching Summer 2015!
By kids, for kids. A 30 minute audio tour featuring 15 unscripted and totally awesome experts between the ages of 7 and 14. 


Listen!  A few excerpts . . . 

Hunting Camp -
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Camping in a Lean-To -
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Soundscape for the Drinking Gourd Project's Robbins House
Opened April 19, 2014
A house owned by an ex-slave in Concord, MA was recently discovered and turned into an interpretive site. Located across the street from the Old North Bridge, the house invites us to think about the meaning of freedom and the untold story of African Americans in a town where Thoreau and Revolutionary War stories dominate.
The soundscape reminds visitors that this historically important house was a HOME, a place where people ate, slept, sang, wept, loved, and died. 

The Drinking Gourd Project


Robbins House


Robbins House Soundscape -
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The Best Workman in the Shop

September 13, 2013 - March 23, 2014

What did Concord's Main Street sound like in the early 18oos? Hammers, oinking pigs, chisels, chickens, a blacksmith's bellows, trotting horses . . . 

The Best Workman in the Shop: Cabinetmaker William Monroe of Concord​​​​


Early Spring - Winter Excerpt -
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Early Spring Soundscape

April 12, 2013 - September 15, 2013

A looping sonic journey through the seasons brings to life a temporary exhibit at the Concord Museum. 

Early Spring: Henry Thoreau and Climate Change




Listen!  A few excerpts . . . 




Adirondack Museum Audio Tour

A 90 minute audio tour featuring 30 diverse and local Adirondack voices. 

I developed the production approach;
interviewed, recorded, and voice coached roughly 30 participants; edited all of the audio; selected the music and sound effects, and mixed the final sound files to be loaded onto Acoustiguide’s delivery system and the mobile app for iphone and Android.

Hunting in the Adirondacks -
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Farming in the Adirondacks -
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Journey of the Sairy Damp -
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